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We are also looking for people to volunteer at the theater on an ongoing basis.  We need people to run the projector, to help with concessions, and for cleaning crews.  Any type of help is welcome, whether it be one time, once a month, weekly, or whenever you can spare.

All weekend volunteers (including substitutes) receive free pop and popcorn and get to see the movie on their weekend.  Cleaning crews and maintenance workers receive coupons for a free pass, pop, and popcorn.

bulletWeekend Groups - We currently have 7 groups right now that rotate running the theater. Some of the groups are made up of families, others are friends, still others are non-profit groups.  For each movie showing up to 5 people work, they include a Projectionist, Ticket Taker, and up to 3 Concession Stand members.
bulletCleaning Crews - Almost all of the weekend crews also do their own cleaning, although we do have a few people who only volunteer for cleaning.
bulletMaintenance - Volunteers who are willing to help us when things go wrong or need to be repaired.
bulletSubstitutes - We have a list of people who are willing to fill in wherever they are needed, some of whom also volunteer for other categories.

Click here to download the volunteer form.  Please fill out and return to us at your earliest convenience.



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